A famous sculptor, Marshall Fredericks, created the landmark bronze statue “Spirit of Detroit.”  Engraved in the stone wall behind the statue is this inscription from 2 Corinthians:

“Now the Lord is that Spirit:
and where the Spirit of the
Lord is, there is liberty.”

The plaque in front of the sculpture bears the inscription, “The artist expresses the concept that God, through the spirit of man is manifested in the family, the noblest human relationship.” From Standing with Detroit posted by Virginia Harris, CSB.


Nov. 2, 2016, Birmingham, MI

Aha moments. We’ve all had them. Moments of sudden illumination and clarity.  Have you ever had a moment like this that brought healing to your life?

International speaker Chet Manchester from King Ferry, New York, will be giving a one-hour talk on Nov. 2, 2016 at the Birmingham Christian Science Reading Room (355 E. Maple) to show you how you can.  “The most important discoveries we make in life are spiritual,” Manchester says. “Discovering more about God and your relationship to God leads naturally to healing.”

A former creative director, Manchester says his talk is inspired by Mary Baker Eddy’s groundbreaking discovery about Jesus’ spiritual practice of healing.  “Her aha moment was realizing that his healing work was “not supernatural…but divinely natural.”  The book she wrote, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, explains how natural it is to understand and practice prayer-based healing.

To watch a preview of his talk, visit: www.christianscience.com/manchester.


Christian Science — a spiritual revolution

spiritual-revolutionOct. 11, 2016, Rochester, MI 

We live in a time of revolutions.  Political, as in the Arab spring; economic, as the banks and corporations exercise world power; in communications, as social media (Facebook, etc.) become dominant; in science, as quantum physics replaces Newton.

But there is a revolution, less in the headlines, but many times more important than any other: it is a spiritual revolution.  It presents a new understanding of God – where we come from, and what is the basis of our existence.

John Tyler’s lecture on Oct. 11, 2016 in Rochester, Mich. presented Mary Baker Eddy as a revolutionary theologian whose understanding of God has reshaped, and is reshaping the world of thought and the practice of healing.

Flint Water Crisis

How prayer can restore harmony

On Saturday, Feb. 20, 2016, Josh Niles offered a spiritual approach to the crisis in a lecture entitled “The Law of Harmony and Christian Science Healing” at the Flint Farmer’s Market. He discussed how harmony is a constant and consistent law of God and how Mary Baker Eddy’s discovery of these divine laws, which have been in operation throughout all time, can be brought to bear in any circumstance through holy inspired prayer. Christ Jesus mapped the way for all mankind to better understand God and feel His undiminished love which leads to harmony and healing no matter what the situation. Sponsored by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Flint.

Article – A prayer for the people of Flint amid water crisis

Jesus promised complete protection from drinking any deadly thing for those who “believe” or trust the power of God and his ability to care for us…And so I offer this prayer for Flint, trusting that his children are defended, assured, protected, sound-minded, cleansed, well-governed, guided, comforted and helped. (Read article at Flint Journal – Jan. 28, 2016)

Article: Detroit and the Results of True Brotherhood

A look at how brotherhood factored into the swift recovery of Detroit’s bankruptcy filing.

By Susan Tish
From the Christian Science Monitor, November 20, 2014

The city of Detroit was handed a landmark ruling and a blessing to go forward as it exited – in just over 16 months – the nations largest municipal bankruptcy filing. After months of negotiations and creative solutions, Detroit arrived at a historic settlement that is endorsed by every major creditor, the city’s unions, and the city and state governments (see “In historic ruling, federal judge sets Detroit on path to exit bankruptcy,” by Jacob Axelrad).

Experts called the speedy resolution unheard of in a bankruptcy filing of this size and complexity. This type of legal battle in companies and governments can often take years during which creditors argue over how remaining resources will be divided. In the beginning, this is exactly what was expected in Detroit – a city where people had combative relationships within suburbs, unions, and government. But a shift created an environment in which all parties began to work together, expeditiously, toward one common goal. Former adversaries became partners, and disagreements resolved into cooperation… READ MORE

Foundations of Freedom

State and city officials are leaving no stone unturned in their search for ways to get the city on a secure foundation and free it to go forward. An important consideration in this quest – in which every citizen of Detroit can participate – is understanding the spiritual foundation that supports all the earnest efforts underway to free the city from its past and prepare it for growth and prosperity in the 21st Century.

That’s the view of international speaker and former Detroiter, Virginia Harris*, CSB, who gave a talk at the C.H. Wright Museum of African American History on Saturday, June 21 in celebration of freedom titled, Foundations of Freedom: Healing for Detroit.

“When we think of freedom, we usually think of the fight against slavery, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the worldwide awakening to human rights,” said Harris, “and no doubt these are important historic milestones.

“But what about the freedom that we all inherently have right now – spiritual freedom – the freedom to think for ourselves, to love, to be honest; the freedom and courage to do what is right?   It’s the practice of these freedoms that can help Detroit – and its residents – move forward to build a safe and secure city. It is the exercise of these freedoms that can lead to Healing for Detroit.”

*A member of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship

 Venue: C.H. Wright Museum of African American History



Music by Detroit Children’s Choir 

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